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Smelt spouts had to be replaced every 12 months. SOLUTION IGS applied a thermal spray cladding onto the smelt spouts, extending their life to 18-24 months. APPLICATION IGS perform applications in specialised workshops, ensuring top quality and meeting delivery timescales. Application and Delivery Recovery boiler smelt spouts are critical to its


Jul 08, 2015 · Our recovery boiler. Smelt comes out of and into dissolving tank

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Spouts and Dissolving Tank Spouts – water-cooled troughs mounted in or on furnace at spout openings near hearth Spout cooling water system Agitated tank to dissolve smelt and make green liquor Shatter jets or other means to break up smelt stream as it enters the tank Sootblowers Use a steam jet to remove deposits Superheater Generating bank

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Smelt splatter from spouts Smelt plugging of spouts. Set smelt spout cooling water temperature, setpoints, alarms, etc. to proper limits to avoid smelting problems and early detection. Consider using remote cameras on spouts. Smelt splatter from spouts Chemical and temperature burns caused by splashing out of spout. Adjust dissolving ta nk

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flue gas from the boiler Operate on a balanced draft FD Fan ID Fan Recover Inorganic Chemicals Recover the inorganic chemicals as a molten smelt of Na 2S and Na 2CO 3 Na 2S requires a local reducing (oxygen deficient) environment Some S leaves as Na 2SO 4 – incomplete reduction measured by reduction efficiency Runs out of the furnace through spouts

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(74) Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery (57) ABSTRACT An electrochemical process is provided for treatment of molten kraft smelt produced from black liquor in a kraft recovery boiler. Treated smelt can be contacted with water to produce white liquor which can be re-used or recycled in the kraft process.

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Jan 29, 2020 · Smelt spouts have a limited lifetime and that is due to thermal stresses but also erosion effect of the smelt flow during an operation. Molten smelt exits the recovery boiler at a temperature as high as 850 °C (1500 °F). So not surprisingly, the smelt spouts are under a lot of thermal stress.

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Spout robot Our Spout robot efficiently removes smelt deposits from recovery boiler smelt spouts in a carefully designed sequence. The spout rodder ensures stable smelt flow, optimum cleaning and trouble free, safe boiler operation. The robot will keep your smelt spouts clean, saving you time and money. Easily integrated in any spout area

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Smelt Spouts. The design, installation and maintenance of smelt spouts, used to discharge liquid smelt from the furnace to the dissolving tank, are important to the safe, reliable operation of Kraft recovery boilers. Since supplying the first Kraft recovery boiler in 1929, B&W has led the development of many improvements in safer, longer-lasting operation of smelt spout systems.

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Our smelt spout can be utilized on any recovery boiler, and it is suitable for your local boiler condition. The smelt spout is based on proven technology, and our smelt spout area is a complete solution with tube openings, wall box, spout, hoods, shattering equipment and washing of doghouse. We are continuously improving the lifetime of the smelt spout and working on minimizing the risk of dangerous situations with smelt spouts. The benefits of our smelt spout …

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furnace section of recovery boiler & smelt stream Could trigger a smelt-water explosion capable of destroying the boiler Significance manifested through published set of recommendations for proper smelt cooling system design, operation & maintenance BLRBAC suggests annual replacement – Ensures that failures are rare, but

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The smelt spout area of a recovery boiler is one of the least desirable and sometimes also a dangerous place to work. However, essential regular tasks need to be carried out for efficient and smooth operation of the boiler. Smelt can cause several issues in the spout area as it tends to coagulate and plug the spouts and needs regular cleaning.

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Feb 27, 2015 · Valmet Smelt Spout Cleaning Robotefficiently removes smelt deposits from recovery boiler smelt spouts in a carefully designed sequence. The spout rodder ensu


An enclosure (10) for a smelt spout (16) of a chemical recovery boiler comprises a skirt (20) having a central region through which smelt (26) flowing from the smelt spout (16) falls in route to a dissolving tank (24). The central region is defined by a wall (38) and has a trough (32) disposed around its perimeter. The trough (32) is supplied with a fluid (34) that overflows the trough (32

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A spout for a recovery boiler such as those used in the papermaking industry. As in prior art spouts of this type, the spout is provided with an internal cavity to thereby permit water cooling of the spout. By this invention, a duct is provided for the internal cavity, the duct applying a portion of the coolant liquid to specific areas of the spout which in the past have failed.

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FIG. 1 shows a typical smelt spout area of a recovery boiler, which comprises smelt spouts 1, along which the smelt is directed from the furnace 2 to the dissolving tank 3. Typically, the smelt is very hot (for example 750 to 820° C.). The possible splashes of smelt cause danger to the personnel working and moving in the surroundings.

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Recovery Boiler Operation Speaker Name Month ##, 20## Page 001744 PEERS 2016. Contents Smelt Spout Systems – Hood systems – Modern hood system improvements Smelt Spout Robot – Robot configurations – Video demonstration Liquor Station with Automated Port Rodder

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FIG. 1shows a typical smelt spout area of a recovery boiler, which comprises smelt spouts 1, along which the smelt is directed from the furnace 2to the dissolving tank 3. Typically, the smelt is

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The remainder of the interior of furnace 12 contains fumes. The smelt and fumes are at elevated temperatures. The numeral 18 denotes generally the boiler spout of this invention, the spout emptying the hot smelt into a dissolving tank 20. The details of construction of the recovery boiler and of the dissolving tank are not part of this invention.

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Smelt Spout • Insertable, water cooled and self leveling design • Includes built-in, pre-poured refrac-tory seal box for superior interface • Steep, robust, U-shaped trough ensures positive flow of smelt and reduces build-ups • Delivers fast, steady and consistent smelt stream for ideal shattering capabilities

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